The bubble shooter game is addictive and easy to play. It’s designed for hours of enjoyment and can keep you glued to your screen. The aim of the game is to burst all the bubbles as you go along until your bubble field is completely bubble free.

You clear the bubble field by shooting the bubble (which can be seen at the bottom of your screen, lodged in the bubble shooter) onto the group of bubbles with the same color. It has to be a group of 2 or more bubbles touching each other to clear. So when your bubble touches the group of two, it becomes a group of 3 and will “pop”. If your bubble lands on a section where there are not 2 or more grouped, it will stay there until you make a group of two or more.

But hurry! At first it may seem pretty easy, remember it’s being timed. You’re not being timed by a physical timer, but in this bubble shooter game the main field gets smaller every few seconds as the top of the field pushes down. When your bubbles reach the blue line, you’ve lost the game. So the challenge here is to keep your bubbles popping fast enough without piling too many on.

Have fun and keep going. Try beating your own high score. You’ll quickly find that the “pop” of the bubbles are wholeheartedly satisfying. Don’t forget to check out the tips and tricks section to see how you can get a great high score.