There are a number of bubble shooter variations available at the moment, and they can all be traced down to the original bubble shooter game called Puzzle Bobble, which was an amazing bubble shooter game that made its debut in the 90’s. 1995 to be exact. The game was developed by the Taito Corporation and published by Sega and it’s clear that the concept has been a hit and continues to be a huge hit.

The original game is much the same as the bubble shooter game variations found all over nowadays. Its ease of use, made it perfect for portable devices which further increased the audience for the bubble shooter genre. After the success and the quick growth, the bubble shooter game naturally opened into a genre itself. Just about everyone recognizes bubble shooter as a genre of games and expects the variety of choices when going online to play the free games.

The bubble shooter games are also categorized under the puzzle and arcade (or action) games. It’s got an element of strategy involved in it too. The game calls for strategy by encouraging you to plan ahead. The time limit provides the action in the game and adds to the need for strategy.

The bubble shooter genres have been favored for children for quite some time now, yet surprisingly, it’s adult and teens that make up the biggest group of players of this game. This could be because of the online availability and the fact that it’s just so darn addictive.