Keep playing the game to find just how far you go up the level ranks. Remember that each new level gets harder and that the timing makes it more difficult to play the game.

There are completely different arrangements of bubbles and as you shoot and pop your way into the higher levels, you’ll notice there are more bubbles on the screen. Not only this, the arrangement of the bubbles definitely makes it harder to quickly pop grouped bubbles. But that’s where skill and a bit of strategy make a play in the game. Try figuring out the best way to complete the level, even before starting it.

The higher you go up in the levels, the bigger the risk of losing, as you cannot just restart the level. Losing a particular level will take you right back to the beginning and you’ll start from level one again. But that’s really where the challenge lies with this particular bubble shooter. The game’s simple but fun design makes it a game you’ll want to play over and over again, giving the levels a try until you’ve mastered all the levels.

Making sure that you keep track of your score, you can aim for a higher score by getting more bubbles popped at the same time. A large group of bubbles awards you a much higher score than a smaller group does. This way you can quickly lift your score to the very highest with just a few easy tricks.