The first Bubble Shooter games were not much different from the newer versions that have been springing up like hotcakes all over the internet. Every developer has a way of putting his own unique taste and style into the games and some of them even incorporate a story or an adventure that you can follow and certain awesome bonuses that you can claim as the stories unfold and you reach the higher levels.

Originally, bubble shooter was not actually a genre. It was developed as a game. It was only over time, as the game grew in popularity and it experienced a huge surge of interest, that the bubble shooter term naturally became known as a genre.

It’s held many a teen, adult and working person captive through the late hours of the night and has garnered the interest of millions of people from all walks of life. The different versions offer a great variety and there is something for everyone.

As platforms have become more mobile and changed over the years to include many different types of browsers and the latest in game design and coding practice the games have evolved from the simple bubble shooter to a fully interactive game with ever growing numbers of levels and the opportunity to reach high scores. Regardless of how the bubble shooter games evolve, they all still maintain the magic of their roots.