There’s more than one way to get a perfect high score, and as all the gamers well know, you can do so without having to work super hard at it. Working smarter and not harder in your games is the best approach if you’re looking to beat your best and the best of those around you. Haven’t you ever wondered how the top-ranking gamers get their seriously high scores? Well, it’s all by knowing the game well, researching the opponents and then playing the game in a way that will get the best results.


So how exactly do you get a great score in bubble shooter?

  • Be quick

Beat the time and clear all the bubbles quickly to keep moving to the next level.


  • Be smart when you shoot the bubble

Make sure you’ve planned your aim well so that the bubble lands exactly where it is supposed to. Bubbles that “pile up” can be extremely difficult to get rid of in the higher levels.


  • Make a clear path

Don’t worry about the smaller groups of bubbles. Go for the larger ones and “drop” the smaller groups when you clear the bigger groups. In some of the higher levels, there are many small groups blocking the larger ones. Make a clear path straight to the big groups.


  • Plan your bubble colors well

You can see what color bubble will be next at the top of the screen. Use this to your advantage. If there is a difficult bubble on the screen and your current and next bubble is the same color, you can pop them together.